Antoine Morin Memorial Scholarship (712200305276)





Antoine Morin Memorial Scholarship


  • This scholarship was created in memory of Dr. Antoine Morin, a biology professor at the University of Ottawa (1989–2018) and Chair of the Department of Biology for eight years. In 2016, Dr. Morin was named vice-dean, graduate studies, of the Faculty of Science. As vice-dean, he began a study of statistics and trends in graduate student recruitment and support. This scholarship is thus a logical continuation of his steadfast interest in students’ well-being. Throughout his career, Dr. Morin attached great importance to teaching quality and knowledge sharing, whether as a chair, a biostatistics professor or a fresh water ecology researcher. Who could forget his colourful explanations about black fly larvae, imitating their movements swimming in a stream while he was flat on his belly on a desk!
  • Along with his research in fresh water ecology and his embrace of statistics, Dr. Morin had a front row seat to the technological revolution in teaching, promoting original, cutting-edge digital initiatives. The BIODIDAC project, which he co-designed and coordinated, is the best example. Launched in 1995 by the Regroupement des universités de la francophonie canadienne, it was the first French-language online image bank, covering zoology, botany and human biology. The bank gave thousands of teachers and students around the world the chance to enhance their teaching and learning. He gave of himself body and soul for nearly two decades and took pleasure in receiving emails from biologists in Senegal, Belgium or even non-francophone countries!
  • During his 30 years at the University of Ottawa, he was a dedicated, attentive mentor for many graduate students, allowing them to achieve and even surpass their initial career goals. As a scientist, he always stressed the importance of thoroughness in learning, without ever forgetting human values such as perseverance, commitment, passion … and humour.



  • To recognize students enrolled in a graduate program in the Department of Biology who have distinguished themselves in the areas of teaching and knowledge sharing. Through both vision and actions, they promote teaching while communicating and simplifying knowledge in a university setting (teaching assistantships, mentoring, mini courses, etc.), off campus (elementary or high schools, NGOs, various associations, media outlets, etc.) or online (blogs, articles or opinion pieces on specialized or general interest websites, etc.).


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  1. be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. be registered in a graduate program at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa;
  3. have completed at least their first year of study;
  4. have completed at least one term as a teaching assistant; and
  5. distinguish himself or herself through both vision and actions regarding teaching and knowledge sharing, as outlined above in the fund purpose, whether through teaching or through communicating and simplifying knowledge, in diverse settings (university, off campus or online).

  • Value of the award: Minimum $3,500
  • Number of awards: Variable

           Frequency of the award:           Annual

  • Level or program of study: Graduate

Application contact:                  Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline:                October 31



Applications must be made through Online Scholarships and Bursaries, which can be accessed through the uoZone portal, and schould include:
1.  the Curriculum Vitae on Online Scholarship and Bursaries;
2.  a short text from the applicant (250 to 500 words) on his or her knowledge sharing role as a scientist; and
3.  two letters of recommenadation (including at least one from a professor at the Department of Biology (supervisor or other), sent directly to